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Good Days Guys,

Just registered today, but I have been enjoying Your Guys comments for a while now.
I have been riding motorcycles since 1988 with Rain, scorching sun and even a little of snow. Although I had to stop for a while after My ZXR was stolen :crying: darn I loved this Baby!
This will be a a compromise for me, but, i believe it is the wisest choice if I want to satay alive, and, not being desapointed like i have been with B.M.W. Living in Malaysia now and judging by the way the Driver Here are obsessed with themself and their phone, well I think I said enough.
I have ridden Kawasaki's, Honda's, Ducati's, Yamaha's, B.m.W's and many others, mostly sport Bikes and bigger CC's that I owned.

Glad to have learned and read some insight from other riders it as been of great help!

Thanks and Good to be here.
>:) 0:) >:)
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