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Hello! New to this forum from sweden. Bought a black z650 in july and i love it. Have made about 5000 km now.


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Welcome Branting! Nicely done Mods. Looks similar to mine
Welcome - how are you liking your bike so far - is the ride better than expected?
Here is the picture of mine. As I mentioned earlier ours looks similar.


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Hey there!

I'm new to the forum too, but unfortunately not an owner of Z650 yet. How do you like it so far? It would be really helpful to hear your review about it, so I can finally decide whether I'm buying it or not.
Another one on the team!

Just curious but what other bikes were you looking at before coming over to the Z650? it seems that these days there's a lot of bikes to choose from and not just in this segment but the surrounding segments as well.
can you post a link for that rim tape? is it green?
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