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Hello everyone.
Recently traded my Svartpilen 401 for my 2020 Z650. I’m very pleased so far (I Do admittedly miss my old bike, there was nothing wrong with it, just that it was not fast enough for riding on the interstate). Once I finish the break-in period I think I will be even more excited about the Z650, that and if the rain ever stops in Texas….
I do already have a service scheduled at the dealer. I installed the Woodcraft frame sliders and while the bolts went back through with little to no difficulty, the motor shifted (even with only one bolt removed at a time). I tried all the tricks the internet had to offer and am out of ideas. Haven’t started it back up or rode it or anything so kind of bummed but I feel it’s worth the wait to have the bike checked out. I’ve had a few people tell me it should be fine to ride but the spacer between the frame and the motor is visibly off. Anyways, just excited to ride again once it’s all sorted.
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