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New Z650 - new driver

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Hello everybody!
I just got my new Z650 (white - with stock windshield and radiator grid).
I'm also a beginner, as I never rode anything else than a moped (Honda SH 300 being the most powerful).
So I'm learning how do drive it and as of today (close to 100km mark) it's feeling really good!

My setup also includes:
- Dainese Jacket with shoulder and elbow protector
- Suomy Halo Max Biaggi replica helmet
- Alpinestar KR-2 back protector

I planned to get side and rear bags from Givi/Kappa to go on small roadtrips with my wife (she enjoys riding shotgun).
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GOOD LUCK remember never trust anyone driving a Automobile and or Truck..
Welcome and enjoy your new ride. Take your time and don't get too relaxed to quickly....that's when it can bite you.
Welcome to the forum man, quite the bike that you've started with! Glad to see that you're investing in proper equipment for yourself, and you may want to consider fairing sliders to protect your new toy. Have fun putting more mileage on it!
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