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New z650 owner from the california bay area!

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Just though i would join here and see what all the other z650 owners have to say about their ride. I picked mine up about a month ago and already have just over 600 miles clocked. I Definitely love this bike so far and i have already done a few mods.

z6501 by Tauss ., on Flickr
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Welcome bro. What front blinkers are those
Welcome to the Z forum Bob, from Oregon!
Welcome aboard! How do you like that brand of shorty levers? I was looking at that set, but hesitant since I've not heard much about them.
I jjst looked at my bike and realized your blinkers are stock. Duh, looked smaller for some reason.
Welcome to the forums. We're gonna need a mod-list just to ensure we got everything covered here ;)

Shorty levers look great though, and do you plan on changing out the mirrors?
Thanks guys for the warm welcome! @Tremonte I really do like the levers, for what you pay they are quite good. Maybe a bit to angular for non gloved hands, but with gloves on they feel great. The milling is a bit on the rough side, but they fit great and are really simple to install. You do need to remove the switch on the clutch on the z650 before install though.
Here's a closer pic of the levers.

@Stitch Got a pretty decent mod list so far. First being the amazon levers, followed by a yoshimura alpha pipe, a vagabond fender eliminator, swing arm spools, and some bar end mirrors. Hoping to get a integrated rear tail light at some point down the line once they are available.

Here are a few cell phone pics of the current state of the bike.

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Cool deal man! I like the look of those shorties. The angles match the bike.
@Tremonte Thats more or less the reason for my choice. They simply fit the bike much better than your average amazon/ebay brand levers.
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