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2019 Kawasaki Z650 ABS
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Hi all,

I am new to the forum and also to the magic world of Kawasaki motorcycles. I am the owner of a 2019 Z650 ABS, with roughly 2500 km on the odometer.

On Sunday after coming back from a couple of hours of riding, partially at highway speeds (110 km/h and with passenger), I found a small drop of oil hanging from a lug with an Allen/hexagon plug inserted into it, located on the lower right side of the engine (see pictures below).

I wiped the oil off and went out again yesterday, but did only sub highway speed riding and after that ride the lug had just the same wet look as it had after wiping the oil drop off the previous day, but no oil drop hanging. Today I went driving again, this time doing some highway speed riding and when returning home there was again a small drop of oil hanging from the same spot. So the leakage seems to happen during higher engine loads. No leakage on the floor during parking and also no sign of oil streaks or spray around the area (below or behind). So apparently a minor leak, but it still bugs me.

What is this bolt/plug for and has anyone experienced something similar?

Kind regards and thanks in advance for any input.

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