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G'day from an Aussie living in Thailand. I have added a few mods to my z650 but I am desperate for an aftermarket front sprocket cover. I have spent hours online searching but found only one, ex China,
No problem, but the site showed a conflict in "fits............ I contacted supplier direct and he had to apologize and say that his website was inaccurate. This cover does not fit a z650. Having already paid, I am now awaiting my refund.
To my question. Has anyone out there sourced an aftermarket z650 sprocket cover from anywhere in the world?
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Welcome aboard oldfart! I haven't thought of adding a sprocket cover to the z650 and that you've brought tit up, there doesn't seem to be an aftermarket one out there. I found axle sliders and chain guard, but no outright sprocket cover.
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