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Picked up a 2018 Z650 on 5/6

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Picked this up after selling my 2011 Ninja 250. Had to drive 130 miles to bring it home and had a blast. Has 19k miles with the 15k mile service done at 18,600. Can’t wait to put more miles on it!
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Thanks! Just got a tank bag, top and side cases. Hoping to do a little touring and maybe some overnighters this summer. Already put about 1,000 miles on it since it came home.
nice bike!!I have exactly that, and I got rid of the rear fender last summer and just recently put short levers on. The stock ones are designed for ogre hands. and I'm 6'3"
Are they original tires? Cause the original tires are total crap. I would strongly recommend better tires if so. I just ordered the road6.
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