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Press Launch Test Ride

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Here's a video of someone doing a test ride for a press launch and he's getting some good speed on some really darn nice twisty roads. I wanna be there :|

For some reason, it's not loading up but if you search on instagram for the user: scigacz_pl you'll see the video. I'll have a thumbnail picture of what you'll be looking for.

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One barrier will be the fact he doesn't speak English so i'll have to wait for an english speaker to give feedback. However seeing how the Z650 handles those roads that Kawi likely picked out will be interesting. However it might be roads that are all too favorable instead of challenging. Sometimes challenging roads are better.
He doesn't say anything in the video to be honest.. The roads did look very straight forward. Very flat, wide bends, nothing that requires you to really get in it and use it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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