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So because the motorcycle license plate here in Germany is simply too large for the Vagabond kit, I replaced the Vagabond with the R&G fender eliminator kit a while back.
However, the newly introduced Euro 4 regulations require all motorcycles registered in 2017 to have reflectors on both sides also, either in the front or in the back.

Now, the R&G fender eliminator kit comes with a rear reflector that you can stick onto your license plate, illegal to do so over here...
Also, the kit does not come with any kind of brackets to reuse your factory rear and side reflectors that come with the stock fender.
I really do not like the looks of reflectors located somewhere at the front wheel of a motorcycle so that was no option and, thus, I made my own brackets to work with the R&G kit.

Templates were designed in Photoshop first, printed out on paper, put on the bike for refinement and eventually CNC-cut from 2mm steel. I bent the brackets, primed, painted and installed them.
On the center T-shaped piece, I reused to the two rubber dampers that came with the Vagabond kit to reduce license plate buzzing.
The R&G kit is fully legal now, reusing all factory reflectors and it maybe even looks kinda OEM...:rolleyes:


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