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Rear Shocks Adjustment - How much?

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Hey guys,

I'm about 200 pounds/ 90kg. Was wondering if anyone here weights around the same? Any suggestions if I should tweak the rear shocks to accommodate my weight? Currently at stock setting.
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The closest to your weight i can find was @webrown02 and they're around 220 lbs geared up.Adjusted it two clicks from what I can see here. http://www.kawasakiz650.com/forum/393-suspension-brakes/1417-adjusting-rear-shock-easily.html
229 lbs set @ 6 works great for me.
Thanks guys... I?m assuming the default is at click 3?
I?ll do 6 clicks as well since adding on my 2 panniers adds the weight to about 220 pounds. Staring the bike from the rear, I believe it?s 3 clicks from clockwise ?
Guide book is silent on the direction to turn
Default is 3. To go higher set the notch higher i.e will compress the spring.
I’m yet to complete my run in, planning to stiffen suspension after the 1st service as I’ll be riding with a pillion and bags; total weight will be ~130-140 kgs. Any recommendations on the ideal setting? Planning to measure sag and arrive at this as well basis a couple of articles I’ve read.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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