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Required torque for Z650RS headlight side bolts?

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I don't have the service manual yet. Does anyone know? I adjusted the headlight yesterday because it was way too low, I loosened these 2 bolts slightly to make it easier, just want to make sure I don't over-tighten them...
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Normal you have not to loose this two bolts for adjust the headlight,
in my service manual for the RS i find no torqe for the thighting.
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Well thanks for looking.
The correct tightness is "Tight enough to stay put"-- in other words, it is not critical. The owner's manual shows you how to properly adjust the headlight. The bolts are not involved.
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I tried to loosen the bolts on the side of the headlight but they were just spinning in their bracket. I looked on an online schematic of the headlight and I see that there is a nut inside the headlight that is attached to that bolt. That's why it just kept spinning. I went to take the front headlight rim off to get at the inner nuts but only the lower portion of the rim would come loose from the shell. Any one else try to get the headlight rim off? I don't want to force it and brake something.

Nope, never tried. You might have loosened the bolts too much. Might need to bite the bullet and take it to the shop if you're concerned you might damage something...
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