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Selling my Z650

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Shortly after purchasing my 650, I ran into a health issue. So, in order to pay for some of the expenses, even after insurance, that I've incurred I'm going to sell the Z. Also looks like I won't be riding for awhile either. I'm selling my other two bikes also, a 1989 Kawasaki 454 with 8100 miles and a 2000 Sportster with about 8000 miles. All the bikes are garage kept. The Z650 is a '17 with about 300 miles on it. Break in oil and filter were just changed, charging pigtail installed as well as SW Motech kickstand foot. Never dropped, never abused. I've got it listed on CL for $5700 OBO. I'm in Maryland. Mods, if you've got to move this or remove it, please just let me know.
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