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This is my ****** S. I bought it because it reminded me of my first helmet in 1968. Almost the same color. Very retro looking and very light.

This is my Scorpion Helmet, can't remember the model number. It's my cold weather helmet.

The helmet on the left is an AFX FX39 and it's my hot/warm weather helmet. Lots of air flow for a fullface. I have the same helmet in Safety Orange. I wear the orange helmet at the beginning of the season when folks aren't used to motorcycles on the road. It's very noticeable. I also wear it on group rides and usually ride at the back of the group. If the lead rider can see the orange helmet, he knows he's got everybody. Because of a dry eye issue, I have to wear a fullface helmet every time I ride.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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