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So today was the day for new exhaust, mirrors and levers


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Looks good. What exhaust? Where did you find those mirrors? Link please. Looks easier than bar end.
Looks good. What exhaust? Where did you find those mirrors? Link please. Looks easier than bar end.
Thank you. It is more easy to fit them, only thing you need to do is cut the srews a bit shorter.
Exhaust Full Exhaust System to fit Z650 (2017) with DL10 350mm Round Carbon Fibre Silencer and Stainless Steel 2-1 Down Pipes
Mirrors https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00RO9YIN0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
That exhaust looks dope!

But I also do like the mirrors... they don't look like typical bar ends and they're not alien antennas like the oem one but they do look darn good.
I would welcome your thoughts on the mirrors and exhaust vs. stock when you've had a chance to compare.
nice, exhaust sound please. Any problem with backfiring?
i will try to make some videos with exhaust sound a bit later today, mirrors are worse in visibility terms, i think and theres a lot of moving joints so i expect some problems with that aswell, but let me use them for a few more days and i will be able to give better comparison.
My dealership told me to put exhaust before my first service so that they can fix stuff i will do wrong and remap if necessary, so more information on wednesday
A little update on the mods i put on the bike.
So mirrors are holding up good, once you get used to them(takes a few days) they are not shaking or falling apart on the move, in terms of visibility they are smaller but again i got used to them and don`t feel any difference now.
Exhaust is holding up aswell, first service passed and the dealership said nothing so i assume its all good from technical point. Removing the baffle is a bitch, you literally have to remove silencer to get it out or back in. I tried and it was loud, and too much popping/backfiring(flames included) so after one day i put baffle back.
So here is some crapy video of sound with baffle in(ofc in live it sounds better)
Thanks for the video. Would have loved a vid of some flames too ;) ;)

But it does look great and I'm sure the video doesn't do it justice. It does sound really deep though. Probably sounds a lot better when you really wind her out in the high rpm ranges?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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