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Swing arm slider

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Hello there all. I recently installed some shogun swingarm sliders on my 2017. I just read a warning from one website saying that the sliders should not be used while the bike is in operation because the exhaust will melt the slider. The warning Doesn’t seem to show up on most sites? Has anyone had this issue? I’ve only rode about 20 miles with mine installed. No issues so far?
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If stock exhaust installed then yes. It could melt because it's pointing towards that location.

I've got the Yoshimura exhaust as shown in the picture and it's pointing outwards.


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Special advisory from OES: Due to the location of the factory exhaust, specifically the position of the exhaust outlet, the swingarm spools cannot be used on the bike while riding. The spools should be used during maintenance only (wheel removal, chain maintenance, bike parking/storage, etc.) Use of the spools while riding will cause melting and deformation of the right side spool due to heat directed from the exhaust system.
An exception to this requirement is in a case where a Ninja 650 or Z650 has an aftermarket exhaust that does not direct concentrated exhaust gas onto the spool in the same way as the factory exhaust system."
Thanks! aluminum spools it is
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