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This is what has been missing from my LIFE!

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:grin2::grin2:Hi all,

I just started riding this year. i learned on dirt bikes and atvs when i was younger, and i have to say that i fell in love. I now commute about 40min to 1.5hrs to work during the week and i cant tell you how much better the commute is now. i have done the general mods (i.e. brake/clutch levers, engine guards, windscreen) but its time to get that sweet yoshimura alpha exhaust full system. Every time i think about getting a different bike (because as we all know the z650 isn't exactly a rocket) i look back at the z a realize it has so much to give. MPG (50+possible/45-50 actual), enough torque to do wheelies, comfortable ergonomics, and isn't horrible with a passenger. i am not the most experienced rider and i am learning more everyday--but if you have a question you should definitely ask. I'm about to get to 10000 miles in the saddle. Also, if you are in the DMV area we should meet up for a ride. will post pictures after the exhaust comes in.


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Welcome to the forum Zach, glad to have another veteran owner on board. Looks like you've managed to put plenty of miles on it in the past year. Any issues you've come across in that time?
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