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Anyone know of any companies offering tuning services for us. I know Tremonte went through rapid bike and a local dyno shop, are they still offering the map? I want an exhaust but I don’t want to buy one unless I can expect a tune with it. And I also I don’t have any experience with remapping it myself.
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They should still have everything saved in their system if you wanted the Rapid Bike. Even if they didn't, you can still set the Rapid Bike to auto tune, and it will have everything adjusted in ~100-200 miles. I'll be going by Superbike Unlimited soon for my new tires. I'll ask Freddy if he's got any new leads for stock ECU tuning. There wasn't a whole lot available this time last year due to how new the bike was. I would be stoked if he tells me he can now remap everything on the stock ECU. Those guys are friggin guru's with race tuning. Pretty much all of their sponsored riders sit podium every race. If you want to see what all they make and do, follow them on Instagram for some daily drools. His new ZX-10RR build is stupid sick... superbikeunlimited
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