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V-Trec Vario III levers

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so I ordered new levers after watching Tremontes video.
Well, I was thinking about it prior to the video and so I eventually ended up ordering color-customized levers from V-Trec.
I went for a titanium/gray base, green adjusters and black extensions just in case I ever want to adjust the lenght of the levers.

Pics of the mounted parts will be posted tomorrow, it was dark when I got them installed, took longer than I thought.
Tremonte's video did not cover all the nasty stuff stupid people have to watch out for:x



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Uh oh... what happened? lol. The video pretty much shows 100% of the install as it needs to be done.
Hey there,

well, I would like to emphasize "stupid people" again :D
But anyways, it took me a while to figure out that you can not detach the cable from the stock lever when you have set the lever to "3" or higher.
The lever then partially covers the cable making it impossible to remove the lever itself.

I like the fact that you can adjust the length if need be. Nice levers!
They look awesome! Did you notice any difference in feel after putting those on? Easier? Harder? Rougher?
Well, to be honest, I can not comment on that.
I havent ridden the bike in 2 weeks now... :(

Ill report on the levers as soon as I get the bike out of the garage.

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