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Vibrations on highway that were apparently really bad on the Z650, is it the same on 2020 and 2021 models or better ?

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Hello, I read that some found the vibrations on the model prior to 2020 really bad on the highway like fingers numbing ...

I consider to buy that bike as a first bike (46 years old, 245 pounds, 5"9") .. and I just want to make sure I will be able to do long trip if needed without the need to stop every 30 minutes to feel my fingers again

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My guess is that there is something that needs attention if your mirrors vibrate badly. Like others have said, my mirrors are perfectly clear and vibration free. I'm wondering if your tires (or front tire in particular) is worn, or the head stock bearings need tensioning.
My front tire is actually coming up on needing to be replaced. It’s still within minimum specs but gonna be getting the Michelin road 5 or 6 put on. The rear is a road 5 with about 500 miles on it.
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I've got a 2022 Z650RS and I have to say vibes are practically non existent. I get a bit in the seat area but that's it. the mirrors are good too.
firefox111 , do you have a throttle lock? How did you anchor it?

It was quite an ordeal. First I had to machine off the flange on the throttle tube. Even before that I had to take apart the switch assy that the tube rides in. I have a lathe in my basement to turn the flange on. I made a special mandrel to slide the tube on to turn it down. Then I checked inside the throttle housing to see if I could drill a small hole about 1/8" to tap an appropriate sized sheet metal screw to serve as the anchor screw. Then I drilled an under 1/8" inch inch hole thru the throttle locks lower portion while having the throttle lock clamped down on the throttle tube. This gave the alignment I needed. Then I drilled the hole that I drilled into the lower portion of the throttle lock just slightly bigger than the diameter of the sheet metal screw that I chose to use as my anchor for the lower portion of the throttle lock. I think the hardest thing I had to do was to reassemble the switch housing assembly back together with the twist grip tube and the two cables and a couple of other things that I never saw before inside all at once. I was a machinist for 49 years so I think that helped me out. I imagine this whole thread doesn't make much sense to you. I'll try and take a close up picture of it on my bike if you want.

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That’s a sweet setup! I have an sw-motech rear rack in mine. Trying to determine a good rear bag to use. What’s the longest trip you’ve taken on your bike? Btw I tried the grip puppies and they’re a bit too big. It feels like I don’t have proper control of things so I took them off.
244 mi round trip.
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