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Hi Everyone!

I am tentatively in the market for a Z650 after being away from riding since fall 2011. I was in college at the time and couldn't afford to garage two vehicles in Seattle while renting on a student budget, so I sold the bike and kept the car. Now working full time and having a house w/ a garage to store a bike following grad school, I have the urge to hop in the saddle again (still need to talk to the wife though lol). Anyways, I am curious if there are any owners in Washington State that would be willing to share their final OTD cost (w/ all taxes and fees included) to get a ball park figure of what to know is a good deal vs. walking away. My estimate is that a final price with taxes, registration, etc of around MSRP is probably a decent deal, but I have never bought a bike new before from a dealership. Any thoughts or help will be appreciated!

Also, if this should have been posted in the other cost thread, I apologize. Admins feel free to delete, and let me know (not trying to break any forum rules).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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