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Hey guys, just wondering what other bikes you have in your garage or even what other bikes you've had prior history with. Always nice to see the more seasoned riders, or even the riders that come from different types of bikes to the Z650 !
My first bike was the Honda Grom ABS 2018. I learned on this bike and sold it. Once I learned ridding I got the Honda CB500F ABS in July of 2019, then I got the Suzuki GSXS1000 on Feb of 2020 and lastly I got me the Kawasaki Z650 ABS 2021.

My experience is extremely minimal and only had one bike before, albeit it was a smaller bike. Had a CBR250 that I learned on and rode around for a while before getting rid of it.

What about you?
I started ridding on December of 2018 and since then I sold my car, never looked back.

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