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Who has the most miles so far?

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I've been riding my z650 for a bit over two months now and have like 1900 something miles on it.
I haven't done anything but the 600 mile service which was actually done around 800 miles. I sprayed a bit of lube on the chain but that's it. What else is coming up? I find the way the manual explains it confusing.
I'm curious how many miles you guys have though.
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update. i now have 7300 miles
2 months, 3100 miles, make sure you don't just lube the chain but also clean it first, then lube
8000km (5000 miles) on my Z650. I'm selling it now to upgrade to the Z900 :)
May 15th 2017 I purchased the bike, a week later got my endorsement. Now I've got 5k on it! Looking at the 900 myself, does that keep you under the liter bike mark for insurance?
Date of Purchase -- > 06/23/2018
Miles Ridden --> 270

Purchased 27 July 2018.
Distance ridden as of today is 8,891 km.
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