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Winter gloves Recommendation

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Hello guys and girls!
I am new to this forum also I am a new rider.
i am here to ask what gloves are you guys like to wear in the winters?
Through web searches, I found the ski bum Coupons as the cheapest in the town also the user reviews are all good too.
What's your favorite brand? i am open to further recommendations.

Thanks in advance :) :)
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Gerbing's electric gloves are great. Nice leather, long cuff. They connect to the battery. Properly installed, the wire leads are not obtrusive. The warmth is fantastic. I can tolerate temperatures in the 30s with these gloves. Since the alternator puts out around 14 volts, using wires (rather than portable 12 volt batteries in the glove cuffs) gives more power. Power goes as the square of voltage, so the gloves deliver about 36% more heat at 14 V than at 12 V. The only downside is the purchase price. For me, there is no need to modulate the heat with a controller; I like them full-on. I installed a switch on the side of the motorcycle, so I can turn the gloves off if my hands are roasting.
Thanks for your advice, I will check electric gloves too before buying.
Well the cold season is about over for some of us but I'm curious if anyone knows of a good system with gloves, maybe boots, leg warmers, and a vest? Anything more really that hooks to the bike rather than rechargeable batteries.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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